Fitness Group Courses

If you prefer to be physically active together with others, our weekly group courses are just right for you. Whether yoga, Pilates, back gymnastics or aqua gymnastics, you will find exactly the activities that are fun and give you a good sense of well-being.

Incl. wellnessoasis (only after group course)

1 year: CHF 1180.-

1/2 year: CHF 590.-

Single Entry
Group Course Only
CHF 25.-
Single Entry
Incl. wellnessoasis and fitness
CHF 45.-

Yoga, Pilates and Gymnastics at Limmathof


10.00 - 10.55 Back exercises with Claudia
11.00 - 11.55 Back exercises with Claudia
19.00 - 19.55 Pilates with Melike


10.00 - 10.55 Pilates with Ursula
18.30 - 19.25  Back exercises with Eveline


10.00 - 10.55 Back exercises mit Eveline
11.30 - 12.00 Water aerobics with Angela

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