The first documented mention of Limmathof in Baden goes back to the 13th century.  Tapping into the source of the Limmat in 1828 was most important for the building. The Limmathof building was built in 1834. With its impressive neo-baroque dining room, which is the size and shape of the whole building, it is the flagship of the spa. The hotel "Goldener Schlüssel" is located opposite Limmathof and has been connected to the building by a passage since 1846. In 1993, the film adaptation of Dürrenmatt's "Justice" was shot in Limmathof. A complete renovation of the building was done in 2000. Apartments, the spa "Novum Spa" with fitness and fitness courses, hotel rooms, suites and studios were built. The Limmathof concept of combining traditional spa culture with the contemporary spa and wellness experience continued when the Limmathof Baden Hotel & Private Spa opened its doors on the opposite bank of the Limmat in 2011.


Baden has been a spa town and health resort for the past 2000 years. Its 18 hot springs are considered the richest in minerals in Switzerland. From depths of up to 3000m and at a temperature of 47°C, the healing thermal water rises to the surface. The Limmathof uses 72,000 litres of fresh thermal water in its own thermal pools daily. The water, cooled down to 36°C, offers relaxation and recreation in a soothing atmosphere. The ancient Romans already appreciated the excellent overall effects of thermal springs on the whole organism. The heating effect in combination with the high content of valuable minerals, such as iron, fluorine, iodine, magnesium, potassium, calcium, and many more, leads to improved circulation which therefore strengthens the removal of harmful metabolic products. This in turn causes a rapid decrease in complaints of the joints, muscles and spine. The "thermal baths" aid in strengthening the body's defenses and therefore preserving health.