Café Bistro Hirsch

Comfort meets design

Hirsch. Café & Bistro

Whether you are at the Limmathof for a spa day, working on your fitness, or staying as a hotel guest. Just to spend some time relaxing, have a small snack, and enjoy a fine espresso or a glass of wine. Enjoy the splendour of our view, either in winter from inside through our large panorama windows or in summer from our inviting terrace under the shade of our plane trees.

Do you love contrasts? Then the Hirsch is the place for you, where cosy comfort and modern design come together in a harmonious blend.

Our Menu

Even a small menu can offer considerable variety: lovingly prepared smorgasbord buffets, hearty minestrones, a fine Piemontese foccacia, the ever-popular croque monsieur, plates of smoked salmon, cheese or sausage, and many other delights for each season. All, of course, accompanied by your choice of beverage, be it wine, beer, coffee or a soft drink.

Snacks and beverages at Café Bistro Hirsch

Opening hours:

Monday - Friday       7 am - 9 pm
Saturday - Sunday   8 am - 6 pm

T: +41 56 200 17 17

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